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You must wear makeup to be beautiful? Wow, bilmiyordum (I didn’t know!)

Wow it’s become an accepted and unsaid ‘fact’ in the beauty industry that women are ugly without makeup? You must wear makeup to be beautiful? All beauty makeovers must include makeup? Hmmm.

So now, no one questions if it was the constant use of makeup that got you looking so ugly in the first place?.. .mhmmmm and a young girl should be influenced by you so that she can what?

Become ugly and dependent on makeup like you?

Sleep in makeup so her man can’t see how she really looks? “Baking” her face every day to be seen as the epitome of the polished, independent, self-made businesswoman? That is not beauty.

Now the makeup industry has gotten so deep into the mindset of women that you have mothers and older sisters drawing their daughters/little sisters into the pit. Kids videos are already pushing kiddies’ makeup kits for little girls. Nothing like catching them when they are young and naive.

Why don’t you tell the young girls who are aspiring for the “look of beauty”, how many hours it takes you to get your makeup on? How many hours it takes for you to get it off? How many breakouts of bumps it causes? How much money you have to spend on all that product? How annoying it is to have to watch how you eat- if you can even eat with that cake face! How horrible it is when you sweat? How your pores are suffocating? Why do you look like the walking dead? How you don’t even look remotely like yourself when your done contouring, baking, false eyelash etc? How impermanent it is because every few hours you have to pat and reapply the makeup. Tell her how easy it is for every woman to buy the look of beauty, so if it is so easily bought- if I can say today I want an Asian look even though I’m black, then there is no real differentiator between everyone.

Wasn’t the point of it all to stand out? Wasn’t the point of it to be some striking beauty? But now since it’s so easily bought, that you all look the same. Meanwhile, you’re walking around acting like your beautiful with that cake face yet your vaginas stink as a skunk from all that product daily running down from your face to your pussy.

Oh gosh, Why does my vagina stink so bad, what is all this horrid discharge? Bitch did you stop to think what the fuck is in those products? No! you didn’t. Those makeup kits from china rebranded as luxury brands fooled your ass, didn’t it? the fuck, that Lee Hyong was in the back of his factory mixing sand powder, sawdust, dirt, and whatever else he could find into your big con job of a makeup kit.

Beauty is a core thing for many women. So why not take the time to keep your natural face clean and supple by enjoying life. Living in the fresh air, swimming in saltwater( great for the vagina), eating fruits, dynamic exercise (playing sports, rowing, hiking etc). Regularly living in a new country or culture and embracing the changes, or doing anything that you genuinely love to do, that makes your heart content and excited. It’s a lifestyle of happiness that makes a face glow. You can’t possibly think that because you cake your face, everyone can’t see how anxious and sad you are.

It’s happiness and living an exciting life that infuses your face with youth. Doing the things that you truly enjoy leaves your body and skin glowing. It’s having a great relationship with your spouse that makes your body feel juicy, young, and springy. Getting some good dick from your husband brightens your mind, energizes your body, helps the face. The fuck is makeup going to do in the medium to long term but fuck up your looks.

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December 25, 2020

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