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What Separates The Trott Bailey University, EVERYTHING!

The Trott Bailey University is the number one place in the world for learning about running a million-dollar family business, renewable energy and robotics. We plan to exist for millenniums to come while staying dynamic and setting trends in the business and engineering industries. Here is a guide on what separates the Trott Bailey University. 

We create students who are truly worthy to be called masters. What’s the evidence? They become multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires in their own right. Their journey starts immediately by launching their businesses and their graduation is their first million in actual profit. By the way, it is not a million in sales, anyone can do that, it’s a million in profits! It’s the old throw you in the water sink or swim method.

We are not focused on quantity but on the quality of our graduates. Graduates who, having completed our hands-on and immersive program, are left with a different mindset. A mindset that promotes their pursuit of happiness, their simple business styles, and a multi-faceted individual with a backbone. 

What sets us apart? 

Here’s what separates the Trott Bailey University, the differences are many. We are clearly unique and against the grain.

1. The school is owned by a family who is completely engaged in what is taught at the school.

2. The Trott Bailey family believes in fully enjoying the 150+ years of their lives on the Earth and then off to heaven to enjoy the rest. 

3. The Trott Bailey family believe that their businesses are only a small aspect of who they are. They very much prefer to hang out with each other every day, play sports, go camping, hiking, travel, meet new people from other cultures, learn languages, dance, plant fruit trees and launch new businesses as they feel inspired.

4. They believe in setting up their business in such a way that it can run on autopilot and make billions without them having to have to out daily fires. No headaches, please…Hakuna Matata! 

The Trott Bailey Family has a host of multi-billion-dollar businesses which includes The Kimroy Bailey Group, a renewable energy, and robotics Dynamo. Prov31 Global which has its hands in shipping and logistics, food, fashion, real estate development, mining, travel, and tourism thereby creating a customer experience never seen before. Oasis by the Trott Bailey Family a video hosting and content creation social media platform. Trott Bailey University with over 184 million students from all over the world. ProHub, the family’s newly launched global social media platform which allows Trott Bailey University Graduates to land contract opportunities across the globe.

Take a Break, “Hole a Vybz” and Ask yourself? 

How can you choose to go to a university and sit under a professor who has never run a successful business and then expect that you will? 

What do you expect to get when you’re taught from old outdated books, teaching you about business theories and useless formulas?

This is what separates the Trott Bailey University; Business is dynamic and ever-changing so we immerse our Masters Study students in our businesses, our factories, our industries. Listen, guys, your customers are changing, their taste and their preferences. Go talk to them, learn their language, discover cultural quirks, go make some money!

The most shocking part about universities as they stand today is that the whole point of your study culminates with a research paper which by every institution standard, should be properly formatted with relevant references. How can you discover anything new when you’re stuck researching what others have done. You are so entuned in writing your research paper that you totally forgot what you came for. In fact, you leave as a writing expert who doesn’t know how to do a damn thing.

Trott Bailey University

Here’s the sad part, most professors don’t care much about what you know either. As long as you prepare a carefully crafted, APA formatted, ‘well researched’, submitted-on-time document you are good to go.

Who gives a rat ass if you can change a light bulb, sell a plastic cup or export a paper plane. As long as your research thesis is nice and thick, 20-40 properly cited sources, just ensure that your sources are ‘qualified’ aka no Wikipedia and preferably over 100 pages long and you are all set. Your professor will be proud that he created another system cookie-like him or herself, never to make any money, never to do anything new, nothing bold but ready with resume in hand to find a job.

Guess what! Our students are so immersed in business, renewable energy, robotics and our other fields where we don’t require them to write a sentence or site any source. They learn by doing, not by reading dumb ass publications and certainly not by writing a glorified research document. You graduate when you make your first million dollars, commission your first solar project or design, build and sell your first robot.

Trott Bailey University Case Study

Here is a case study from the online version of the Step by Step Solar course. Most of the students of the Step by Step Solar Online Course, enroll to access a complete guide of ‘actual’, practical solar system installations training videos. These are students who have acquired previous engineering degrees some are from ivy league institutions, most of which are in the field of renewable energy but have never installed a single solar panel during their studies. These are students who study for 3 years, some for 4 and graduate with first and second-class honors. These institutions swallow the students’ money and produce certified doe-doe heads. This is not the students’ fault, classroom-based education is the biggest scam.

What can you learn from 4 walls?

Engineering universities do not believe in owning manufacturing facilities nor solar megaprojects and business schools don’t operate global enterprises, so what can they teach? They have never exported, never commissioned a million-dollar project, just sit in air-conditioned classrooms and collect tuition fees.

Education is a Trillion-Dollar Industry

And even that, they don’t tell their students that education and tuition collection is a trillion-dollar business. They pretend like they are doing the world of good in ‘educating the next generation’, yeah right. Well, the Trott Bailey University can give you the scoop, education is a uber profitable sector. People will pay an arm and a leg to be educated! The least institutions can do is to make the investment worth it and stop creating job-hunting, system cookies.

The Trott Bailey University will always be the home that creates multifaceted multi-billionaires. We will continue to grow at our own pace, we’d rather graduate one person who gets it than a 1000 who don’t. Join over 181 million students from Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Americas who call the Trott Bailey University Family. We have an online or onsite program for you. See our online programs available in your region here.

Let the church say Amen

December 23, 2020
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The Trott Bailey University was founded by the Trillionaires of the Trott Bailey family to create Multi-faceted multibillionnaires 💯. We're the greatest university of all time and the greatest that will ever be. 🤪

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