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What’s the problem with how business people travel these days?

The multibillionaires of the Trott Bailey Family traveled extensively in the early days of setting up the Trott Bailey University which is now available in 126 countries in 75 languages. The family also did their fair share of trips around the world to commission solar energy systems manufactured and installed by the Kimroy Bailey Group. After been to over 55 countries, from their experience, here’s the problem with how business people travel these days.

When you think of business traveling you think of a man or a woman going to a 3-day conference and staying at a hotel close to the airport.

• You think of that man or woman going to a conference probably being held at the same hotel in a tiny conference room with like-minded peers. So everyone basically has the same perspectives, reads the same business magazines and watch the same news-so no refreshing perspectives

• You think PowerPoint presentations and small chat.
• Certainly, you never see them traveling with their families. So time away from family is a Hallmark of business travel.

Sherika trott bailey and keilah trott bailey the problem with how business people travel   

Let’s say for example that you’re at a higher level than a manager in a company. So you are the political figure for a party, a congressman, a president or prime minister or something like that.

What?… Do do you think your country’s president or prime minister is exempt from being a businessman or business savvy. Isn’t the President of the United States expected to generate economic, progress and profit for the country?

Let’s use somebody concrete, let’s say, President Trump, for example, a good businessman in his own right. However, even he is limited in his travels.

President Trump goes to India for 2 days, he boards his private jet- Air Force 1, he’s greeted at the Indian airport by an official convoy. He’s taken straight to his residence whether it’s a fancy hotel or private residence.

He is surrounded by his staff and quickly briefed on his itinerary. The next day he meets the Prime Minister of India they shake hands, take photos and the entry into bureaucratic discussions which usually go nowhere. The next day or the very night, he flies out of India and returns to America.

Kimroy bailey and keilah trott bailey the problem with how business people travel 2
Adorable baby Keilah Trott Bailey running from her dad Kimroy Bailey with tongue poking out in China

In those short two days of the official visit, he has learned next to nothing about the culture and mindset of the people. Nothing about the little things that tickle the Indian society.

In those short two days, no connection has been made between him and the people of India.

And I know you are thinking “Why the f**k the president of the United States needs to connect to the people of India, that is not his problem.”

When you are local-minded that is an easy thought to think but as a global businessman or a global businesswoman, you quickly realize how small the world is and how effective a positive influence on 1 billion Indians can shape your own backyard. America is a land of immigrants and Indians top the list. If you as a leader can make an Indian joke or two about Indians’ love of curry and spices you would win me over immigrant voters for a lifetime vs just being another stiff politician. 

This is not exclusive to anyone President or Prime minister, or  World leader or Business mogul. This is the common practice of business travel, especially among Western and European business people.

So how should you travel?

sherika samantha trott bailey standing in front of the ministry of tourism
Sherika at the Turkey Kültür ve Turizm Bakanlığı Ministry of Culture and Tourism – the Problem with how business people travel.

Here’s the problem with how business people travel- What’s the rush?  

  • In order to understand the people and the culture of another country, you have to live with them and be immersed in things that they are immersed in.
    • Take a deep breath it’s very simple. because we’re all humans. So just as things like a walk down the main street, the shopping bazaar, eating at the fruit stand, getting a hair cut at the local barbershop.
  • Playing with the locals, hiking up a popular trail, dancing in the park. 
  • Take sports, for example, sports unify many people around the world, so simple things like going to the park and playing basketball with the local college kids in Turkey, for example, can quickly lead to bonding and conversations.

What’s the monetary value of traveling and interacting this way? the problem with how business people travel

• You have just met, first-hand Turkish college students and you learn that unlike their parents’ generation they are adept in speaking English,  they wish they could leave Turkey for supposedly better opportunities in the US or Europe, they think their schooling system is hard and outdated, etc.
• In business terms, these Turkish kids are a generation of 80,000,000 people with future spending power and decision making power.

•  Think about the over USD $50,000-1,000,000 price tag that you would pay a consultant from one of these foreign countries to teach you these simple insights that you could have learned for yourself just by flying and living amongst the people for a few months.

• Think of that glee what you feel, when you realize that expanding your business into the Middle East and Asia was not as insurmountable as you had thought when you were going to Asian business conferences and hearing lectures on all the barriers to entry and you felt so discouraged.

• Think of the freedom you feel when you realize that Google is not all-knowing. Can Google tell you the real estate prices in countries like South Korea-not the price is being displayed to foreign investors – but the real price that you can purchase vast amounts of land and properties at for really cheap?

Let’s put it into numbers because for many of you you will not grasp the value of this knowledge until we can put its value into money gained or lost.

Kimroy bailey and sherika trott bailey and keilah trott bailey the problem with how business people travel

1. Marketing costs $1 million to $10 million US dollars per year to try to win the hearts of a foreign nation. And that budget can bearly scratch the surface for a new brand in uncharted waters but oh well, it’s a start.

2. Set up costs to install company in a physical location in the country-

3. Rental/lease costs, the decor of the location, and insurance.

4. The losses from setting up your business in a location where you were told by your real estate company that the location would be the new uptown hit spot but it turns out that all the activity is 5 miles up the road. And they were just trying to get that bombed property off their hands and are willing to say anything to get you to sign the dotted lines.

• Or that the influx of people is seasonal so for half of the year the place is a Ghost town.
•  Or that the income bracket of the people who are visiting or living in this location does not match the clientele that can afford your goods.

Kimroy bailey and keilah trott bailey the problem with how business people travel
Kimroy bailey and his beautiful daughter Keilah Trott Bailey in China


The multibillionaires of the Trott Bailey Family created the World Travel online course to redefine how business people should travel. We’re educating our 181 million students on refreshing ways to take their business Global. These topics are also covered in Developing a Global Course created for persons aspiring to hustle on a global level and to be a worldwide influencer. 

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April 14, 2020

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