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What do Multi-Billionaires Trott Baileys’ Do For Fun?

Everyone would love to know “What do Multi-Billionaires Trott Baileys’ Do For Fun?” and to give us the scoop here’s Sher Trott Bailey.

Sher: “We’re a very sporty family and we love outdoors. We love traveling and frankly, we could just spend our lives traveling. So right now we’re into table tennis and my husband, Kimroy Bailey, has gotten interested in doing bodybuilding. He also loves to ski and is working on doing that competitively at the international level. I want to get great at gun shooting and rowing and our daughter is an awesome little footballer.

kimroy bailey exercising in random places how the trott bailey family travels the world What do Multi-Billionaires Trott Baileys' Do For Fun

Trott Bailey Family: Sherika, Keilah and Kimroy out on a evening stroll at their home in Hundae South Korea.

On an average day we’re probably in some foreign country, I wake up and my cute baby girl quickly asks for her baby songs like, ‘Old McDonald had a Farm’ and ‘Ten Little Monkeys Jumping in the bed’, ‘Zeynep, Zeynep Efendim o şekerim’ and more. Then the rest of the day passes really easily either at home or with everybody deciding on what they want to do, whether it’s hiking in the mountains are going shopping because Mommy loves shopping. We usually go out to a kiddies park or aquarium for Keilah.

All members of the Trott Bailey Family out for a fun day at the aquarium in Coex Mall South Korea: Sherika, Keilah and Kimroy Bailey.

We are cuddle buddies – “What do Multi-Billionaires Trott Baileys’ Do For Fun?”

Usually, my husband and I are speaking constantly throughout the day; speaking about different perspectives on life and business, things we want to do or just how much we love our lives and the new adventures to come. I might see a feature on fruit planting for instance and I will tell him about it and how much I would love to plant some watermelons, strawberries, mulberries, and cherries. I also like braiding my husband’s hair, making sure he looks fresh and hot. He really likes it too. We are also very much cuddle buddies, we love to cuddle.

kimroy bailey and sher trott bailey goofing off What do Multi-Billionaires Trott Baileys' Do For Fun

We have discovered that camping on the beach during summers is really fun. Last summer we camped on a beach called Incekum in the beautiful country of Turkey. Turkey is also one of the global headquarters for the Kimroy Bailey Group of Companies. Keilah ended up learning so much from that experience and we basically pitched our tent at Incekum for 4 months from July to October, swam all day, grilled on a wooden fire,  made our own makeshift table tennis table from scrap wood, planted a garden in the sands of in Incekum and had a really freeing experience. No phones, no internet, no computer and it allowed the family to bond and talk and laugh so much more.

kimroy bailey exercising in random places how the trott bailey family travels the world What do Multi-Billionaires Trott Baileys' Do For Fun

With the growth of the Trott Bailey University over the past 3 and a half years our family has decided to bask in and just continue to watch the hand of God doing His mighty work in our lives. With our family, the experiences will never stop, the fun, and the laughter will never quit because as I said before we are dedicated to living, loving and enjoying each moment.

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April 13, 2020

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  1. They are truly living the life. We love you Trott Bailey Family. See you next time when your back home in Barcelona.

  2. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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