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Making Multi-Faceted Multi-Billionaires
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World's #1 Online & Onsite University

The Trott Bailey University has over 180 million students in 125 Countries & 75 Languages 

Online & Onsite Masters Degree Programs

All Masters Degree from the Trott Bailey University is accredited and accepted in 125 countries.

The Trott Bailey Billionaire Mindset

The Trott Bailey University Multi-Billionaire Mindset prepares you to grow a Global Business. 




Trott Bailey University Global Campus

What is a Trott Bailey University campus? A campus is anywhere learning happens. So if you learn best while being immersed on a job site, out on an agriculture farm, on a fishing vessel, at a manufacturing facility, a mining quarry or a solar farm then that becomes your campus. 

Our students work in our industries, they watch million dollar contracts being signed and commission billion dollar mega projects.






Global Campuses


The Trott Bailey University Course Instructors

Learn from Global Business Moguls and Multi Billionaires


Billionaire World Tour trott bailey university hongdae campus south korea Trott Bailey University Developing a Global Business Hongdae, South Korea Billionaires' Attitude Towards Money FREE Solar Connection Guide Billionaire Mindset



Trott Bailey University Trending Courses

Here is a list of the top 12 trending courses from the Trott Bailey University. Start Learning Today!

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The Trott Bailey University Blog

Here are some trending articles on how the Trott Bailey University is transforming education. 


The Trott Bailey Family Group of Companies

The Kimroy Bailey Group of Companies, Kimroy Bailey Robotics, Kimroy Bailey Renewables, the Kimroy Bailey Foundation, Prov31 Global

The Trott Bailey University and  Oasis by the Trott Bailey Family are subsidiaries of the Trott Bailey Family Group of Companies. 

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