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Off the beaten Paths: How The Trott Bailey Family Travels the World

Join the Multibillionaires of the Trott Bailey Family on a Family Hike in Asia

Think about it, every time you imagine a rich person traveling the world, the imagery is usually followed by images of private jets, limousines pickups, fancy hotels, dinners at restaurants, curated trips with a tour guide and then returning back to work in their companies. By many people’s standards that route of travel is the creme-de-la-creme; the most wonderful most desirable way to live for a few weeks out of the year. How The Trott Bailey Family Travels the World is totally different, they have been to over 45 countries and it is always about the experience, the adventure, meeting new people, learning new languages certainly not a one-week stopover.

The Multibillionaires of Trott Bailey Family sees traveling and exploring in a much different light. First of all, when we go to a country will usually plan to stay maybe 6 months or more depending on what we really want to do in that country.

Multibillionaires of the Trott Bailey Family enjoying a Middle Eastern meal in Trabzon Turkey

We Use Rock, Paper, Scissors to Decide Which Country to Go Next

We take each family member into consideration, so if Kimroy and I are feeling like we want to learn languages and explore different types of foods in the East, somewhere in Asia, then we play Rock, Paper, Scissors and decide okay which countries are more off the beaten path that we would want to see. Sometimes, TV feature pops up about an exotic country such as Gambia, Cambodia, Angola or little cute islands like Green Island Cairns off the Australian coast which usually get our interest piqued.

Then it’s more Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide which one we want to go to. It also depends on the weather conditions such as, are we feeling like snow or are we feeling like somewhere warm? We also take into consideration the comfort of our baby girl when she travels with us and things that she would want to see. For example, she’s currently going through her Lion King gaze, so African countries are prominent travel spots on our list.

sherika-and-baby-keilah-trott-bailey-hiking-in-korea how does the trott bailey family travels the world
Whether it’s Malaysia or Indonesia you won’t find the Trott Bailey in the city skyscrapers it’s best you join them on a trail up the Bukit Tabur in Malaysia or Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls in Indonesia.

Indonesia is one of the 24 countries where The Kimroy Bailey Group manufactures Off-Grid Solar Energy Packages

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall Indonesia How the Trott Bailey Family Travels the World
Join the Trott Bailey Family on a Weekend hike up the Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls in Indonesia

We Rarely Travel for Business – How The Trott Bailey Family Travels the World

Our travel decisions are rarely based on our investment plans. KB and I are retired and with so much to explore we dedicate less than an hour per month on anything business-related. Traveling in the traditional “wealthy” way and the luxury cars are cool but it felt more like profiling than true family fun. KB likes to ride motorcycles though and I like to be out on the range shooting, Baby Keilah, on the other hand, loves horses and Asian food. She calls noodles, “cheese” because her favorite Turkish cheese is shredded and looks a lot like noodles in China and Korea.

Seeing each member of the family in their comfort zone in a whole new country is what makes global travel fun. The world is really a very small place. We have traveled so much we put all cultural norms aside and just have fun with locals. For example, in the West, it is considered impolite to make sounds while chewing your food. The Trott Bailey Family is a family of foodies, we love to nyam!- so we didn’t like that very much. When we hit the East we were happy to discover that the louder the sound you make while eating the more it indicates to your host or the chef that you enjoyed their meal. For some cultures, you should not eat with your hands, while the best meals across the United Arab Emirates are eaten with your hands. 

How The Trott Bailey Family Travels the World. Mr. and Mrs. Trott Bailey loves to stay fit so they’ll make a random stop in an Asian country let’s say the Philippines to explore the mountains and the rice fields to get a good but work out. How The Trott Bailey Family Travels the World - Mr. Bailey use any little nook and cranny as a workout sopt

Mr. Bailey loves to make anywhere is workout spot. He doesn’t go to the gym so we show students in the Bodybuilding for Marketing the Multibillionaire in YOU course how to use every nook and cranny as a workout spot with your family. 

Anyway, the family’s view is simple we want to enjoy ourselves every single day of our lives for the rest of our lives and we hope we can help others to increase their earnings and travel as well.

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June 23, 2020

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