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The Greatest University of all time and the Greatest that will EVER be!

Without further ado, TBU is owned by the multibillionaires of the Trott Bailey Family

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Why should you go to a University to be taught by a professor who has NEVER ran a successful business in his or her entire life? 🤔

The multibillionaires of the Trott Bailey Family created the TBU with the simple goal of Making Multifaceted Multibillionaires! 💰

After you've done all the hard work and built the foundation for your global empire that's when the investor shows up, acting like he's the hero. Bitch Please.
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No Investor Ever! Don't be a donkey on an Investor's leash! Investors are only Bars and Chains!
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Investors are will always overeat and leave you the business owner to starve 🤣
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Blank Professors
Why enroll in a university to study under a professor who has NEVER run a successful business and then expect that you will???
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Having an investor is like a chicken carrying a donkey while doing all the work. And the best part, he has to feed the donkey some yummy fried chicken leg.
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Shareholders are only there to HOLD You back! Shareholders are like a donkey yoked to a cow and lead by a giraffe.
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Jesus Christ is the King of business. He'll show you how to make trillions in a day.
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Time is money! - This is the mantra of business people who are always busy, stressed, tired, and broke as fu*k. Stupido, stop being a slave, TIME IS NOT MONEY! Go enjoy your family, your wife, your kids, your life, and give the business a break and you'll see how easy it is to make money.
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No investor is going to ride the storm with you! That's your problem to fix. But they will come running back when profits are up and it's bright and sunny.
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Our Courses are for persons who:

Hunger for Greatness 🎉

A head and not a tail 💪

Against the crowd 👑

Ready to build an empire 🏆

Undefeated attitude 💯

Like these trending courses

Step by Step

Learn how to confidently install a reliable solar energy system 🎉

Over 327 million students trained since 2014 💪

Get your globally accredited Solar Installer Certificate to work in any of 203 countries! 🌍

Trillionaires of the Trott Bailey Family Sherika Trott Bailey, Kimroy KB Bailey, and Keilah Trott Bailey
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step by step solar multibillionaire trott bailey family and logos
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No experience needed Step by Step Solar will take you from a beginner to a paid solar professional 🏆

After course completion you'll join Pro-Hub where the KB Group sends solar customers to installers certified by the Trott Bailey University 💯

Trending Renewable Energy Courses

Learn from real videos of real installations! 💪

Add solar kits to your cart to follow along for hands on learning 🎉

Get ready to build your empire 🏆

Learn how to find your first customer and tips and tricks to increase your profits 👑

Rainbow butterfly

Step by Step Solar for Commercial Projects

step by step solar panel installation training commercial projects Kimroy Bailey Group and the Trott Bailey University

Step by Step Wind Turbine Installation for Commercial Projects

Step by Step Wind Turbine Installation Training

The vision of the

Trott Bailey University

in the simpliest words TBU was created to

💰 Make multifaceted multibillionaires

🏝 highlight that doing business is simple

🏝 Make education useful and to the point

The Trott Bailey Trio of KB 💪 Sher 🍜 and Keilah don't just speak it, they LIVE IT!

Trott Bailey Family at Iho Beach Kicking Some Ball with graphics
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Trott Bailey Family discoveries at the volcanic beach seongsan ilchulbong
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70 % of the earth is Sea so our Trott Bailey University thinks we should explore it, construct on top of it & under it. 🤔

The multibillionaires of the Trott Bailey Family think that cities in their current form are ugly.
We think we should create more beautiful and lasting Architecture greater than that of the pyramids etc 🏗

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Developing a Business

It is easier to run a Global business than a small one!

Don't worry, this course is all about showing you how💪

Built on the principles of our family. We'll teach you how to build your family empire without having any shareholder!

Cover for Developing a Global Business
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No background Multibillionaire Sher Trott Bailey Developing a Global Business with kb on the wall
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You're not required to be a business expert to enroll. But you'll be required to get your hands dirty from the get-go.

You'll be building a real business in the first lesson and should have a solid foundation for your empire before the end of the course 🏆

100 Business Ideas

Learn from the Great minds of the Multibillionaires of the Trott Bailey Family 💪

It's all about an authoritative attitude 🎉

70% of the earth is sea, you can make millions from it! 🏆

You are the most important part of your business 👑

Do what you love! This will ensure that you don't have to starve for creative content 👑

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100 Business Ideas for the Tiger Entrepreneur

100 Business ideas Course content 2

Donkey Analogies for Business

Business is fun and it is easy. The Donkey Analogies for Business online course is all about having a good laugh and see business in a whole new light.

There are so much bull shit in the business world that we just had to create this course to laugh at it all💪

The biggest misconception in business is that you will need an investor if you want to grow a multi billion dollar global business.

We are here to teach you how to start and grow your global business and make millions in profit without an investor, EVER! 🏆


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