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Trott Bailey University 1 Drop™

1Drop™ is a Sneakpeak into the mindset of the Trillionaires of the Trott Bailey Family, owners of the Trott Bailey University. TBU, Making multifaceted Multibillionaires

Let's Drop it Like it's HOT!

The wealth of the Trott Bailey Family is far more than just trillions in the bank. The Trott Bailey Family owns islands, countries, intellectual property, precious metals and much more.

The Trott Bailey Family is the greatest of all time and the greatest that will ever be!

The average Joe sits and waste his life in front of the news. They allow the news to define the day, the newsroom tells you how to think, when to be happy, when to be scared, what you should look out for. Listen the media is full of shit! Get up and go live some life and stop being controlled. And just so you know social media is worst than the newsroom!

News Editors just hate to deal with rookies. Have to teach this college grad the ropes, sigh. It will all be worth it, in no time he will be full of shit like all of us. And the viewers say "YES SIR" hit us with your best bad news.

So often you choose to believe that the lyrics from your favorite artist came from long hours in the studio. Well some lines were simply paid for and nothing else to it. Think for yourself, don't let social media, music, and movies think for you.

The love-hate relationship between politicians and the media.

The Trott Bailey Family never panders to the masses.

The Trott Bailey Family is rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ

The Trott Bailey Family excels in all it does!

Trillionaires Sher and Keilah Trott Bailey. Life is short, life is fun, go out and explore and discover this untapped world.

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When even a mosquito is claiming its authority. I can fly as high as an eagle! Butts will be bitten tonight!

You know there is something far gone when even kids are proud of their monthly checkups and medical testings.

The Trilionaires of the Trott Bailey Family has laid an impenetrable foundation and building pillars that will last for milleniums

By the time my label is done milking me, I'm lucky if I pocket a 5 grand.

Rappers and Singers be like... How can I have so many YouTube views and yet be so broke???

Trott Bailey family is a household of great leaders

Street smarts by Hollywood Stars. They said I would get exposure for acting in the movie... But I can't eat exposure. All I need to do is use the self-checkout out the machine, run this coupon seven times and the machine wil stop working. Then I can just pretend to scan these groceries and walk out with my goods for free!

Famous actors be like... Couldn't they have at least made the Oscar and Grammys out of real gold? I could pawn this shit! Can I eat a fucking oscar?

Animes we love: Great Teach Onizuka, Attack on Titan, Hunter X Hunter, Yu yu Hakusho, Ouran High School Host Club and much much more!

YouTube there was a time when you were cool.... Now you're just fucked up!

Empty cupboards... But 100 Million YouTube views.... At least my ego is full. Thanks for my little rat who can share his cheeze.

When you pay US $1,000 for a polyester designer dress. The fuck was I thinking.... Polyester???!!

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The beauty industry gives you false promises and takes your money. Sounds like a scammer to me. But they're okay and the "money scammer" is not???

Who are bigger scammers than the bank and insurance industry? They take your money and invest in Escort and prostitution rings in countries like Croatia... but the law is on their side, right? yet you hypocrites persecute the small-time scammer.

"No one is above the law" Hmmm... you don't say

Hollywood, ps you movies as wack as fuck. You need an overhaul!

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Curse of City Life! We're the most easily controlled by the government, like a herd of sheep.

When 90% of the population only occupies 10 % of the Earth's land and lives in dense cities then we have Poverty Construction!

China - He citizens we don't want you to have more than one kid. It's a strain on our resources. There will be a day when you would sell China itself just to have more kids in your nation and your women's wombs will say NO

China has one of the largest landmasses on earth and yet has only developed 5% of it with Poverty constructions and wonders why it is overcrowded and smog-ridden.

Pharmaceutical Industry be like... We need to boost profits! Is their any medical research on any new disease that we can push? The cancer push was great, there was a cancer for every age and gender and body part but we need something new....

Curse of City Life! We're the first to go hungry if there are any major disruptions cause we can't plant anything

No matter how fancy the furniture, a squeezed up hotel room is still a poverty construction

OMG, My Child's diagnosis is so rare, everybody is claiming autism but that's so common nowadays, now my kid has palntasissmisisms. Yeah sounds fancy right, i can get so much pity mileage with this. We will be unique parents, maybe we can even get on TV.

How the fuck did people become so blind and give away all their authority to a Doctor? It's a money-making industry fucker, Doc can't eat unless you keep coming back... and the only way for you to keep coming back is to diagnose you with sickness or keep you in fear of getting sick. The medical industry has you hooked by the nose.

Curse of City Life! My kid is allergic to trees much less be able to climb a tree. No, the path I've laid out for him is glasses and allergies.

How to identify Poverty Construction! If your neighbor takes a dump and you can hear that shit. You live in a poverty construction

How to identify poverty construction? If your only access to your own grass is balcony plants, then you live in a poverty construction.

If you live anywhere in the city you live in a poverty construction

Say NO Junior! If you put Junior in Glasses and give him an asthma pump, You have basically declared/cursed him as: wimpy, sickly, non-alpha, unathletic, future system cookie, wimpy spouse etc . Just one simple acceptance of Glasses and Asthma pump and you have put him in a societal box and bracket.

Curse of city life! I have no great aspirations, no ideas, no mind of my own. My thinking capacity is as big as my little apartment.

Curse of city life! I don't even know how an orange tree grows. I just get the juice from concentrate in a box or jug. But I think I am living the life.

City life is poverty construction. You literally have to be scooping your dog shit every day cause you have no land for Bruno to roam and go "doo" its business. And you think you're living the 1st world life?

Curse of city life, I always feel so rushed, worried, stressed and unseen

A doctor's mind. He only came in for a blood test I am going to mention a prostate exam, cancer screening etc. Start planting the seed in his mind to keep him coming back

Are you trying to change the world. Heck no, What has anyone ever gotten for trying to help the world?.. except misunderstanding & ungratefulness. Nah, totally selfish reasons over here, It's exfoliating and fun to express our minds. Why should only sheep run their mouth? Make way for the Lions, Ya Bitch!

Who does Dave think he is. I'm the star of this company. I'm going to suggest he get some training, tell him he needs more qualification in a certain area, Mess with his Ego. Yeah that will put him in his place. All under the guise of self improvement and contributing to the company of course

Where do you get your advice from? How many 'fucked up' people are influencing you??

I've been divorced three times. I can't stand to see how happy Dave is with his wife. I'm going to bring up the Prenup issue again, plant that worm in their little love nest. All under the guise of doing what's best for the company of course!

Our Priest talked on the evils of overspending today. I have been influenced and now I have a chip on my shoulder, at the next board meeting I think I'm going to say no to the expansion plans Dave suggested.

My wife commented to me offhandedly that Dave's wife seems to be wearing more designer clothing than usual. I'm going to bring up finances and bonuses at the next board meeting

I only have one person, one friend that I confide in. But how many people does your "ONE" friend confide in? Just letting in one fly leads to 1 million maggots.

Hey Mom, You would have been labeled as barren without me. Fertility treatments run > US$200k Daddy, Business deals, corporate ladder and political moves, that come as a result of you being seen as a stable family man... greater than > US$ 10 million

Mom, When I asked you to play with me you said you had to meet up with the girls. Wasn't it suppose to be a fun meet up? A great exfoliation away from the kid? Well what happened Mom? Why is your face all twisted since you got back and all you can go on about is how old you look? Did you know spending life and laughter with me is among the best anti-aging remedy?But you would rather play one upmanship with "Aunty" Vicky, who has been trying to sleep with Dad for the past 3 yrs. My value? I'm priceless bitch!

Gym & Health > Hey Dad I see your on a campaign to turn fat to fab, all for your little Instagram. When i asked you to let us play & flick, you said " no not right now honey i have to post some Insta Pics". In my heart i gave you Finger Flick.

Value > Gym & Men's club Membership = US$ 20k per yr, Heart & prostate check ups US$ 15k. Playing with me "free"

Therapy > My giggles and my cute face worth more than all your stupid therapy sessions with Dr. Vloska. Let's see, Dr Vloska's scam fee is US$ 1,000 for a 1 hour session. So for the year he squeezes US$ 100k out of you.

When i'm all grown up and you wonder why i'm "acting out" and why i don't tell you anything about my life. Think back to the days that your work overshadowed me. If your boss said come to the office at 3 am in the morning, there you go , there you would be! but if i woke up for a hug... i got an angry fit. You kissed all the asses, your neighbors envy you, Everyone thinks your great, you put food on peoples plate, out saving the world but forgot you "maid" me wait.

Life is better with a buff body 💪, a sexy wife 💖, an adorable baby 👨‍👩‍👧 and a happy household 🏕.

TBU all I ever hear is that I should bag a rich guy to live a better life 🏝. How do I as a young lady build my own wealth? 💰. Baby girl you have to marry a guy for two reasons, The main reason is that you love him and the other is that he has potential.

Now making money is easy and you can make a lot on your own for example instead of flossing with a car, you buy some real estate, and not just local real estate either, internationally too 🌍. Did you know that South Korea has extremely cheap real estate? 😵 Start your business and always have the attitude of whatever I put my hand to do, it will multiply! 😉 But let us tell you a secret, a single lifestyle will never be able to outdo the power of a united couple 💖. It's the age old principle of one chases 1000 but two chases 10,000.

Why can't I get a good man??? 😕 1. You hate the young girls at your church and try, with the utmost glee, to tear down their self esteem🗡. 2. Have no life, no vision, no drive, no encouragement to build up a good man⚰. 3. Mouth and ears itch for gossip😱 4. Regularly checks her witch for advice ☠. 5. vile and Messy. You can fool everyone but Heaven isn't blind bitch! What the fuck would you know to do with a good man but fuck his life up?😵

Shouldn't the fact that a gay relationship is unable to ever produce life in the form of a child 👶 be the first indicator of it's fuckedupness? So why is the American Media trying to force the confusion down the world's throat? And why are you back boneless countries adopting it like it's normal? 🤔 That UN or IMF money can't make up for fucking up the mentality of your next generation

A head's mentality Vs a Tails... A tail ➡ OMG I have like 25 people I admire so much! I wanna be like them so bad... I want this one's body 💪, that one's wealth 💰, that one's teeth 🤐, that one's personality, this one's number of like and followers 👍, this one's hair 👩‍🦱️ and that one's type of relationship 💖. The head's mentality ➡ Only tails look up. I'm my own role model. The real question is who do I look down on?

Parenting standards have never been high but it has gotten even worst over the centuries. Once we would get an inheritance from our parents, now all we get are student loans and lectures on getting jobs as 8am - 5pm work slaves.

After you've done all the hard work and built the foundation for your global empire that's when the investor shows up, acting like he's the hero. Bitch Please.

A one time fuck for a lifetime of bad luck ain't worth it! Don't let stink pussy Jenny tear apart your family

Investors are only bars and chains

No time for your wife or hubby, no time for kids, no time for the things that really matters. Busy doing nothing worthwhile is the new glamorous.

Investors are will always over eat and leave you the business owner to starve 🤣

The goal of our business courses at the Trott Bailey University® is to ensure that you're able to start and grow your multibillion-dollar global business without any investor, EVER!

No investor is going sit and watch you hand over your business to your child. Once an investor is in the picture they come FIRST, not your family, and certainly not your child. Frankly, the possibility of the investor's child taking over your company is more likely than you passing it on to your next generation.

Jesus Christ is the King of business. He’ll show you how to make trillions in a day.💰

Have you ever wonder why Business Schools don’t own businesses? You claim that my MBA will help me make millions so why aren’t you making millions yourself??? Hmmm… Because we don’t know shit 💩 and when we’re done with you, you won’t either .

This tree is always bearing rotten fruits, let's get rid of it and plant something new for our generation.

If black people were busy living life and doing great thing they wouldn't be pressed about slavery. You are not the only race that has ever been enslaved but you are certainly the bitchiest.

How to stop black people from thinking they are a loser, a tail, a beggar? Abolish Black History month and start over! But what about all the pity we get, the guilting other races and the handouts?

Living in this modern era is like brainless sheep waiting for the notification on when to jump off the cliff.

India blame the British for plundering their resources but they have done even worst to their own country than the Brits ever could. You consider your beautiful accent 'heavy' whenever you speak english. You call the world's greatest movie industry Bollywood, clearly declaring yourself second best to Hollywood. How can you be second best with actors like Dhanush. India you are Kings and Queens with your heads hung like servants. It's time to live it up! Long Live India

It is pretty simple to see that racism is built on stupidity. So why make something that is stupid an issue? There is greatness in every colour!

Couples are each other's biggest enemy...💔 "If the idea didn't come from me I will find a way to shoot it down or pretend to go along until it fails I can confort you while gloating that 'I told you so'!"

Top reason we love 'middle class income' poverty. I get to ride the fence, I can cuss the rich and side with the poorer poor and there are some many of us I can easily find an excuse for my mediocre life.

There is NO such thing as a niche! If you know your niche then you’ll NEVER expand. You’ll sit quietly and carefully kiss your niche ass until you die.

The secret to never expanding is called niche marketing. Everybody is a potential customer, they might not know it, but one day they will.

So often you see the investor as the hero, not knowing that you are the hero and they are just the dumb donkey that you have carry on your back the entire journey.

Time is money! – This is the mantra of business people who are always busy, stressed, tired, and broke as fu*k. Stupido, stop being a slave, TIME IS NOT MONEY! Go enjoy your spouse, your kids, your life, and give the business a break and you’ll see how easy it is to make money.

If you want to see a businessman who hates his business, just ask him how many investors he has onboard?

It’s easier to run a global business than a small one- in the same way it is easier to be a shepherd of 1,000 sheep than a shepherd of 1. Imagine if the one sheep died..oh boy!

Having an investor is like a chicken carrying a donkey while doing all the work. And the best part, he has to feed the donkey some yummy fried chicken leg.

No investor is going to ride the storm with you! That’s your problem to fix. But they will come running back when profits are up and it’s bright and sunny.

Exporting is as simple as mailing a letter to a friend you’ve never met.


The Trott Bailey University was founded by the Trillionaires of the Trott Bailey family to create Multi-faceted multibillionnaires 💯. We're the greatest university of all time and the greatest that will ever be. 🤪

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